360° - Multisources Testing : 
The way to better understand your relations

Draw Your Personality Selfportrait

Build a customized 
personal change program

from your results

Value your aptitudes

Be aware of your capabilities and those your pairs regard of you.

Rely on your strength

Make profit of the potential you and others think you have

Admit your flaws

Be aware of the glitches you have and discover how others mind you.

Put right your weaknesses

Target what behaviors you'd better change according you and the others belief .


360 degree feedback is a tool that provides the opportunity to receive feedback from peers, co-workers, friends and customers. The feedback tools are also responded to by each individual in a self assessment. 360 degree feedback allows each individual to understand how his behaviors and attitudes are viewed by others. The processes provide feedback that is based on behaviors that others can see. The feedback provides insight about the behaviors desired in the situation to accomplish the vision and goals or reduce the gap between what things are and what they should be.


Our tests and program are aimed at helping you appreciate your capabilities but also point out weaknesses to whom you should pay attention. 

These personality tests are built to give you the possibility to have the appreciation of people around you and compare the portraits you get to your selfportrait.


Be aware of the existing gap between the perception you have about yourself and the perception others have about you.

Appreciate the assets and weaknesses mentioned towards you by your peers, co-workers, clients, ...

  Adapt your behaviors : konwing what your environment wishes and you believe would be a good thing to improve or restrict in your behaviors and attitudes.

First, you must go through a test to discover it and see the results. 
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