Draw your psychological Selfportrait
and your Companion's Portrait

A powerful tool to better understand the relationship you have with him/her

Our tests allow to observe in the relation
how you get along together
and to find
improvement cues from the results obtained.


First Step

Observe your characteristics.

From the results you will obtain graphics and tables depicting you from different angles*:

  • how you are

  • how you wish to be

  • how your companion
    senses you

  • how your companion
    would like you to be.

* According to the plan you chose 

Observe your temperament compatibility - Compare your results with your companion's

Second Step

Be aware of your attitudes and the perception your companion has of them.

Be aware of your shortcomings and those your companion deplores.

Make profit of the potential you and your companion think you have.

Target what behaviors you'd better change according you and your companion's belief .

Build your personal change program from the results 
to improve the relation you have with your companion

The Goal :

Be aware of the existing gap between the perception you have about yourself and the perception your companion has about you

Appreciate the assets and weaknesses mentioned towards you by your companion

Adapt your behaviors :
konwing what your companion wishes and you believe would be a good thing to improve or restrict in your behaviors

First, you must go through a test to discover it and see the results. 
Make your choice : The Egogram 360  or  The Terci. 

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