In your job you have to rapidly know who you intervene with. 

You have to make yourself a good idea of your client and his/her environment to make valuable hypothesis. 

It's always demanding to draw a portrait of the situation about those people in order to decide an action plan.

Here's a test's suite aimed at giving you a clarifiying portrait about the personalities involved. 


You will appreciate perspective of the psychological portrait we draw from our tests. It is easy to understand based on concepts well known for it and allows to put words on impressions.

  • When the person answers the Egogram 360 she describes what she does,
    "what",  based on the concepts of Transactional Analysis.  

  • When the person answers the Terci, she presents her adaptation modes,
    "why", from a Reference Framework based on Leary Circumplex. 

When you consider the situation from different angles, you dispose of helpful clues to :

  • guide your choice towards more pragmatic or suitable ways to do things and

  • question the motives urging the person to behave this way.


It takes 15 minutes 
to answer a test directly from our site or from a printed copy

Results are sent within 24 hours to the therapist or client as you wish 

Interpretation is made from descriptive graphs where results are represented 

We also can make detailed report about the person who answers the test to give you his/her psychological profile 

Our observations in the practice and the analysis of a sample of more than 1500 persons for each of our tests grant us to assert that they are proven to measure and even confirm the concepts they are bassed on.

We care to encorage the more people to get their psychological evaluation. For that we have fixed the passation fees to a lower limit. (actually the Egogram 360 is free). However don't doubt the quality of the diagnostic assets our tests gives compared to other instruments ten times more costly. It's the choice we made.

You can buy licenses for your clients. We give you keys to assign them. They sign up with this key and there is no fee.

If you plan to frequently use our tests in your psychotherapy practice, 

we offer to benefit an accreditation to Psychoprofil. To know more contact us.

Discover how we can help you see more clearly a person from striking concepts. To know more we invite you to browse our site.

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