Psychoprofil is implemented and operated by psychologists. The aim is to offer evaluation services about human behaviors on the Internet .

Tests we have developed make selfportrait of your personality. They are the basics of our "Program to better know yourself and people around to you".

The  selfportrait Psychoprofil proposes is aimed at extending the knowledge about yourself and people around you.

They are useful in the following contexts:

  • Better know yourself, to make good decisions about yourself, to better know who you are and how it fits to what you want to be.

  • Know better your couple, to make decisions about your relation, to know who you are looking for, to observe if you both fit together for a serious relationship.

  • Psychotherapy, to rapidly understand the person who consults, see where she stands and to the point she's willing to change.

  • Problem solving, when we don't understand each other, we feel psychological harassment or we care about the gap we observe between how things are and how they should be.

Program to better know yourself and your pairs

If you feel to make an assessment about yourself or a relationship (couple, partner, ...), we have the tools to help you understand what happens and what to do in the instance.

Program in four steps:
           *  Draw your selfportrait,
           *  Compare,
           *  notice your specificities,
           *  décide what to do.

To help you go through the process and benefit from what you discover, browse through our site. You will find information to understand the concepts, readings to catch nuances and professional services to help1.


To draw your Selfportrait we invite you to answer a test.

The Egogram 360

The test transposes to a selfportrait, the perception you have about your being and behaviors in different situations. You can observe how  you grade as to 12 factors.  Each factor influences how you see things and behave accordingly.

From the selfportrait, inspired from TA,2 you can easily interpret the results and decode which state of mind drives you depending on the circumstances or who you interact with. TA helps you see the impacts of your attitudes and behaviors in your relations and the course of your life. It offers options to what is expected.

A strength of this test is the comparisons you can make with it. You can see results according to different contexts you answer for or the perception other persons have about you.

The scores and gaps observed give cues to help explain things and make better choices in your relations.

2 Transactional Analysis, psychological theory well known for an easy understanding of it concepts and the power they offer to make easier understanding of human behaviors.

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